Who We Are

The Alsons Power Group is Mindanao’s first and most experienced independent power producer, providing electricity to fuel the Southern Philippines’ dynamic growth and expanding economy. Count on us to provide safe, reliable, and affordable energy to the island of Mindanao and the rest of the Philippines.

Our Brand Promise

We Power with Care is our brand promise. It is more than just a tagline or slogan – it defines who we are, what we believe in, and what our stakeholders can expect from us.

When we say We Power with Care, the people residing in the areas we serve know we will go to the extra mile to provide them with safe, reliable, and affordable power. When we say We Power with Care, the people residing in our communities can rest assured that we will do what we can to preserve the environment in the areas where they live, to promote excellence in the youth through education and athleticism, and to contribute to community livelihood and development in the areas where they live.

The Alsons Power Group is a pioneer in the private power generation business tracing its roots to the Mindanao region. We offer experience, commitment, resilience, and sustainability. Our current portfolio consists of four power facilities with an aggregate capacity of 468 megawatts (MW) serving over eight million people in 14 cities and 11 provinces in Mindanao.

We have grown, and continue to pursue growth, together with our host communities, our customers, our employees, and our nation. We are focused on ensuring that the people residing in our service areas continue to have access to safe, reliable, and affordable power.

Our market knowledge, on the ground experience, and a long history of working closely with our customers, host communities, and other key stakeholders has provided us with social capital, market flexibility, and a business foresight grounded on sustainability.

Our History Fuels Our Future

Alsons Power is part of the Alcantara Group which has played a pivotal role in the economic development of Mindanao for over 60 years. We are Mindanao’s first and most experienced independent power producer, providing safe, reliable, and affordable electricity to fuel the island’s dynamic growth and expanding economy.

The Alcantara Group was born out of the vision of Conrado C. Alcantara, a visionary and pioneering entrepreneur that saw Mindanao’s potential back in the mid-1950s. Since then, the Alcantara Group has grown to become one of the largest and most diversified Filipino-owned conglomerates in the country.

History of the Alsons Power Group: Our Current Power Portfolio

In the early 1990s, massive power outages plagued the entire Mindanao and the rest of the Philippines.  To answer the call for the private sector to help alleviate the power shortage, the Alcantara Group embarked on its first power generation venture with the start of commercial operations of Northern Mindanao Power Corporation in 1993.

The 100-megawatt Western Mindanao Power Corporation (WMPC) diesel plant in Sangali, Zamboanga City began operating in 1997. WMPC supplied power to the Mindanao grid from 1997 up to December 2015 under an 18-year Energy Conversion Agreement (ECA) with the National Power Corporation (NPC).

Since December of 2015, WMPC has been supplying power directly to the City of Zamboanga under a power sales agreement with the Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative, Inc.

The Alsons Power Group added 55 MW more to its portfolio with the Southern Philippines Power Corporation in 1998.

This diesel-fired power plant in Alabel, Sarangani Province supplied power to the Mindanao grid under an 18-year Energy Conversion Agreement (ECA) with the National Power Corporation.

As power outages once again began to beleaguer Mindanao in the early decades of the 21st century, the Alsons Power Group’s 210-megawatt Sarangani Energy Corporation (SEC) baseload coal-fired power plant began operating in early 2016 and provided much needed power that helped end the island-wide power shortage.

The SEC power plant locate in Maasim, Sarangani Province currently provides power to Sarangani Province, General Santos City and other key areas of Mindanao.

Renewable Energy: Our Primary Focus in the Near Future

The Siguil hydroelectric power plant is located at the Siguil River basin in the municipality of Maasim, Sarangani Province. It is the Alsons Power Group’s first foray into the renewable energy sphere. Construction of the Siguil Hydro plant began in the last quarter of 2019 and work has continued despite the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The 14.5 megawatt Siguil Hydro plant is expected to begin commercial operations in 2023. When it becomes operational, the Siguil Hydro power plant will be a source of clean, reliable, affordable and renewable energy for the people of Mindanao.

Our Commitment

Our Mission-Vision

The Alsons Power Group is a very reliable and responsible supplier of power, a major player in Mindanao, with growing presence in other parts of the country and in the Asia-Pacific region.

We provide complete, stable, reliable, and affordable electricity and related services. We are committed to meet our responsibilities to our stakeholders and the environment. All of these we do with competence, integrity, and excellence.

Our Corporate Values

The Alsons Power Group is guided by the following principles and
fundamental beliefs as we work toward our achieving our vision.

Integrity and Honesty
Respect for the Individual
Excellence in Everything We Do
Our Core Competencies

Alsons Power realizes the need to evolve to keep up with the changing business landscape and ensure success without compromising our corporate values. Hence, it is fundamental that we prioritize our best asset, our people, by providing them with competencies that will enable them to stay relevant and competitive.

1. Agility and Adaptability

Ability to effectively adjust to changing work requirements, structures, and the environment by modifying behavior, approach, applying knowledge, and utilizing experience to manage risk and uncertainty.

2. Communicates Effectively

Ability to organize and convey thoughts, ideas, and information with clarity and coherence by using appropriate methods and manner suitable for the audience in order to facilitate discussion, ensure understanding, and give timely response to critical processes.

3. Decision Making

Ability to gather relevant input, resources, and information needed to establish action plans including assessment of impact in order to make well-informed, timely, and objective decisions while taking responsibility for results. 

4. Digitally Adept

Ability to learn and apply new and appropriate digital platforms for meeting, learning, collaboration, and other work settings in order to enhance work quality, responsiveness, efficiency, and productivity. 

5. Entrepreneurial Mindset 

Ability to build and prepare the organization for future success by identifying new opportunities and optimizing company resources in order to achieve organizational goals. 

6. Innovation and Creativity 

Ability to seek opportunities and think out of the box for new ideas and concepts and transform it into innovative and creative solutions in order to optimize processes and deliver better value to internal and external customers. 

7. Results Orientation 

Ability to drive self and others for results by pursuing plans with energy, sincerity, positive, and proactive attitude while addressing barriers and turning ideas into actions in order to make timely and optimal decisions. 

8. Stakeholder Focus 

Ability to manage and develop productive stakeholder relationships by focusing efforts and engaging stakeholders in order to understand and appropriately respond to their needs and expectations. 

9. Teamwork and Collaboration 

Ability to build trust and synergistic working relationship among subordinates, peers, and superiors by creating a climate of cooperation, information sharing, and leveraging on team efforts in order to achieve organizational goals. 

10. Business Acumen 

Ability to understand the business context of the organization and effectively leverage and manage human, financial, information, and other key business resources to optimize business processes and create new opportunities for the organization. 

11. Coaching and Mentoring 

Ability to nurture growth of direct reports through identifying developmental needs, creating development plans, and providing constructive input through coaching and mentoring in order to develop employees and fulfill the current or future needs of the organization. 

12. Strategic Thinking 

Ability to look beyond and see the big picture to identify the link between the external environment (emerging trends, industry developments, etc.) and organizational capability in order to articulate a shared vision and enhance organizational responsiveness to strategic opportunities. 

Our People Strategy

Our goal is to build a workplace that creates a positive working experience for our employees so that they can perform at their best and be able to support business goals. We do this by ensuring that we put the RIGHT PEOPLE, PROCESSES, and CULTURE in every aspect of our organization.

We care for our employees by empowering them through our Career Growth and Development programs.

At Alsons Power, we take career progression and employee development seriously. Through our Succession Planning program and broad-based learning and development initiatives, our employees are assured of a robust career in the organization.

We care for our employees by integrating well-being and employee productivity through operational excellence and use of technology.

By continuously assessing and innovating our systems and processes, we are able to provide our employees a productive environment that allow them to flourish creatively and professionally.

We care for our employees by providing Positive Experience through Work-Life Balance and Rewards and Recognition programs.

By understanding the individual needs of our employees, we are able to provide them with perks and programs to help them balance their work and home life and get incentives for their positive contributions to the Company.

Our Process

Senior Management 

Nicasio I. Alcantara

Chairman and President

Tirso G. Santillan Jr.

Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer

Antonio Miguel B. Alcantara

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Joseph C. Nocos

Senior Vice President for Business Development and Marketing

Jose Luis R. Angco

Vice President and Business Manager for Plant Operations

Elsa J. Mercado

Vice President for Sales and Service

Fernando V. Corrales

Vice President for Project Management

Ruben G. Tungpalan

Vice President for Corporate Affairs and Communications

Atty. Lumen P. Balboa

Vice President for Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Maria Jiji Q. Lara

Vice President for Corporate Services

Ruben B. Ramilo

Assistant Vice President for Diesel Operations

Robert R. Llamas

Chief Finance Officer - Alsons Thermal Energy Corporation