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RES Frequently Asked Question

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How to Switch to RES?
  • Switching to a Retail Electricity Supplier is easy, with the following suggested steps:

If you are a Captive Customer/Initial Switch:

  • Check your electricity bill for notification of your DU/EC of your eligibility as a Contestable Customer;
  • Prepare historical 1 year load profile and energy bills for submission to APSC
  • Message APSC at for retail supply quotation
  • APSC will assess, and provide a competitive offer to match your current electricity bill
  • Sign Contracts and other documents
  • APSC to facilitate the switch and registration to appropriate stakeholders
  • On the 26th of any month, we will start your supply!

If you are already a Contestable Customer/ Regular Switch, you can message us at for quotation.

Am I a Contestable Customer?

To know if you are a Contestable Customer, please check your electricity bill for notification of your current DU/EC for the contestability notification. Your facility should register 500kW and above average peak demand in the last 12 months to qualify.

If you are a Newly Connected End-User of electricity:

If you have a projected demand of 3MW and above covering an entire year, you are already a qualified end user. Please connect with your DU/EC to confirm your eligibility as Contestable Customer.

If you have a projected demand of below 3MW but above 1MW, your Facility must register 1MW peak demand in the next 3 months to be able to qualify as a Contestable Customer. After such time, you can confirm with your DU/EC your eligibility.


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