Life at Alsons: Meet The Wellness Ambassador

“Wellness is taking good care of oneself! It is a journey to improving one’s physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being in achieving a happier version of you.”

Noel Datu (Assistant IT Manager)

I started working for Alsons Power Group way back October of 1998 as Technical Assistant under APMC. A year later, I was transferred to WMPC as Operations Assistant. It was then that I started my interest on computer hardware assembly and repair. Eventually, learning the craft. When the Company’s IT Specialist resigned in early 2001, I formally took over his role and position title. When the ECA agreement of WMPC ended on December 2015, I was hired under Sarangani Energy Corporation under the same job position. On 2019, I was promoted to Senior IT Specialist. And more recently, I was promoted to IT Assistant Manager under Conal Holdings Corporation.  

What is my typical day at the office like? Well, usually the first thing I do is to exchange pleasantries with my colleagues while setting up my work laptop. Once my laptop is ready, I start by checking that the Internet is up, that there is network connectivity, and that application servers are running. If everything is fine, I would then check the server room as I make my way to the pantry to get myself a nice and hot coffee. Then I would go back and start going through my emails while enjoying the coffee. The rest of the day is filled with meetings and team collaborations, project activities, business applications’ administration, team supervision, some administrative stuff, system support role, and some more. There are occasions that I would be on travel to our power plants for a couple of days for system project-related activities.  

Simply put, wellness is taking good care of oneself! It is a journey to improving one’s physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being in achieving a happier version of you.      

Wellness is a way of life. It is the everyday decisions we make that makes us feel better and happier – sleep early, take the stairs, go for a walk, eat health foods, play with the kids, partake in a community activity, work out as a group, attend a mass, visit your parents, stroll at the park, and breathe some fresh air!  

Because I am getting old! The two-year lockdown during the pandemic had caused undesirable effects on my physical wellbeing. It sped up the degenerative effect of my arthritis and I started losing mobility on my joints. I started having difficulty walking longer distances. I needed to exert more effort sitting down and getting up. Going up the MRT stairs seemed an enormous task. Moving around never felt pleasant for me.  

Then the APE came, and the result said it all. I am obese class 2! Amusingly, just around the corner, HRA is already cooking up activities for its Race to Wellness program – the timing couldn’t be better! So only one question is left unanswered– Can I still do it?   So, I decided to find out!   

I started my wellness journey a couple of months back, and it wasn’t difficult for me getting up on my feet and taking my first few steps. I remember I was eager and strong-willed on the day I decided to take a walk! Since then, I have been walking almost every day – literally! I take about 12,000 steps a day on average – and honestly , I’m quite absorbed with the progress I make, so far.  

During office days, I walk to the main road a couple of blocks away from my home. Later in the afternoon, I would walk inside Megamall going from floor to floor, as I wait for my eldest to arrive.  

Then we would walk home together for some more – 40 minutes or so. On weekends, I’m out of the house around 5:30am and I make my way to the Cityhall where joggers and walkers take pleasure enjoying the company of like-minded individuals. Oftentimes, my children would tag along looking forward to a hearty breakfast that comes afterwards. We’ll be home around 8am – all sweaty!     

 Along with walking, I also find myself in the companion of more matured men and women (hahaha) doing aero moves to a plentiful serving of oldies-but-goodies hits. I find it quite liberating because I get to do something I really enjoy doing during my younger years. I dance (sort-of) in a public place along with friends (or friends-to be) with many people around – and it feels okay! It was nice.  

 During my prime, I run a lot, I go to the gym, I play badminton, I join aero sessions, and I exercise consistently. But walking and Zumba is all I can do now. So, for me – growing old doesn’t mean to stop; growing old means to do the things that you can still do! 

What message do you have for your colleagues who wants to begin their fitness journey? 

I encourage everyone to join our Race to Wellness Program. Let’s take a walk!  \

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