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Life at Alsons: Meet the Intelligent Intern

“Be surrounded by an organization that encourages and believes in you.”

Carmella Macabudbud

I am Ma. Carmella S. Macabudbud, a BSBA major in Marketing Management graduate. 

I just recently graduated from the University of Makati in May as Valedictorian of the Class of 2023 and with Latin Honors (Magna Cum Laude). I finished a three-month internship at Alsons Power Group last year, and I’ve been working with the same company as Administrative Assistant under Marketing and Project Development Department for the past seven months. Yes! You read it right. I once worked as a marketing intern and got absorbed and hired immediately after I completed my on-the-job training (OJT) required hours. 

Looking back, when I was still applying for various internship placements, I was praying 

for the company to have a welcoming culture or a healthy working environment. Finally, I saw Alsons Power Group on LinkedIn hiring for a marketing intern. A few days after submitting my resume, I was called in for an interview. The day of my interview, I instantly received a text message from HR informing me that it had been a success. HR patiently waited for me to finish processing the necessary documents for my internship while simultaneously coordinating with my university. HR was incredibly accommodating and responded to all of my inquiries. 

 How has it been working remotely/hybrid?  

One of the many positive aspects that this company offers an intern is the ability to work in a hybrid environment. Since I am an active student leader in our school organization and have OJT in addition to that, I find this to be extremely beneficial, especially when I have activities or events at school. The company is so gracious that I can still have a work-life balance as long as I perform and fulfill my duties on time. 

During my three-month stay in Alsons, I have been inspired and excited to report to work because I am always seeking newfound knowledge. True enough, I was able to experience market research and analysis, cold calling, visual presentation, closing deals with suppliers, having business acumen, and more, which include the relevant tasks to my desired career path and sharpening the skills that I already possess. Moreover, I love how I am surrounded by a healthy environment with collaborative colleagues, which truly values me and allows me to really believe in myself and my capabilities as I continuously grow and learn that even if I’m just an intern, I am also empowered to speak my mind, contribute ideas, and push me to my maximum potential. Above all, Alsons Power Group indeed offers professional readiness towards my career goal. 

What advice would you give to your fellow fresh graduates out there? 

To my fellow fresh graduates out there, give yourself time to gradually discover your strengths. Take every opportunity as you can and allow yourself to impart knowledge, 

wisdom, and skills to those around you. Pursue a community, coach, or mentor who you think will help and is willing to train you to be the best version of yourself. Be surrounded by organization or company that encourages and believes in you. Be open to criticism and take it as advice to be better. Most importantly, trust His timing and be in faith no matter what challenges you will have in life. 

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