Alsons Power strengthens commitment to its brand promise, “We Power With Care”

Alsons Power Group holds an internal relaunch of its brand promise to further cultivate a positive and strong company culture that supports its strategic goals. 

“We Power with Care is not merely a tagline—it embodies our way of life at Alsons Power Group. It guides every aspect of our operations, decisions, and actions. As we forge ahead, remaining true to our brand promise will continue to shape our journey and define the legacy we build together,” said Alsons Power Group Chief Executive Officer, Antonio Miguel B. Alcantara.

Alsons Power Group, the Alcantara Group’s power generation unit, recently held an internal brand relaunch to further foster a culture that aligns with its brand promise, “We Power with Care.” The initiative highlighted the company’s steadfast commitment to achieving environmental sustainability, upholding social responsibility, and driving economic activity in the communities that the company serves.

During the event, Alcantara called on employees to embody the Group’s brand promise both within and beyond Alsons Power Group. He emphasized the critical role every team member plays not only in fostering a positive brand reputation but, more importantly, in effectively communicating the Group’s core message to stakeholders and the public.

“Our brand promise is a reflection of who we are at our core.,” Alcantara reminded.

Environmental Sustainability at its Core

Central to its brand promise, Alsons Power places a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability. As a steward of the environment, the Group is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, enhancing energy efficiency, championing renewable energy, and ensuring compliance and adherence to environmental standards. Additionally, the company actively implements programs and engages in initiatives aimed at conserving natural resources and biodiversity. These include watershed enhancement activities, tree-growing programs, and coastal clean-ups, among others.

Advancing Community Development

Alsons Power strives to be a reliable partner and contributor to community development by supporting local communities, promoting inclusive growth, and leading efforts in education and community resilience. Through a range of community relations programs—including scholarships for high school and college students, technical vocational education and training, and medical missions—the Group continues to drive positive social impact, thereby enhancing the lives of the communities it serves.

Driving Economic Activity

Acting as an economic driver, Alsons Power operations consistently stimulates the economies of the regions it serves through its substantial tax contributions and the creation of employment opportunities. Additionally, the Group enhances local economies by supporting local businesses and fostering entrepreneurship.

With the internal relaunch of its brand promise, Alsons Power is remains committed to powering both the present and the future with care.

Alsons Power currently has a portfolio of four power facilities with a generating capacity of 468 megawatts, providing safe, reliable, and affordable electricity to more than eight million people in Mindanao. The

Group is also expanding its footprint and enhancing its renewable energy capacity with various renewable energy projects in Visayas and Mindanao.

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