Alsons Power Commits to Foster a Culture of Appreciation 

Alsons Power Group held its Rewards and Recognition Grand Launch last May 15, 2024, in collaboration with Empuls, a world-renowned employee recognition and rewards platform, in order to improve the company’s employee incentive and appreciation system. 

Alsons Power CEO Anton Miguel B. Alcantara (ABA) delivered a powerful opening remark by highlighting the importance of normalizing a culture of recognition and appreciation. He encouraged everyone to take some time to appreciate and acknowledge the efforts of one another. 

“Let’s celebrate not just the big wins but also the small steps and efforts that are often overlooked. Together, let’s make sure that no effort goes unnoticed and that we all feel valued and respected for the work we do,” said ABA. 

Meanwhile, V P for Corporate Services Maria Jiji Q. Lara unveiled the enhanced rewards and recognition system. She shared the difference of the Enhanced RnR system from the one that Alsons Power previously used. Additionally, the Regional Head of Xoxoday DM Varun lead the session about the crucial topic of building a rewarding culture for employee success.  

The enhanced RnR Program is more interactive, offers e-vouchers with real-time turnaround for redemption, and provides rewards even for those outside the Philippines. It is also more accessible online, features public and social recognition, and earned RnR Points no longer expire, with automated leaderboards and birthday and anniversary postings sent out with notifications through email, website, or app.  

Alsons Power also conducted an awarding and employee recognition program after the RnR relaunch to commemorate Alsons Power Buddy awardees for the Year on Year Most Engaged employees which was presented by the HRA Manager Rheena B. Marquez. The RnR Grand Launch also featured games and activities ranging from Color Game, Beer Pong without beer, Darts Game and Trivia which was facilitated by the HR team from Makati headquarters and selected power plants in Mindanao.  

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